Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Angelwood Lodge, Wick Road, Ewenny, Vale of Glamorgan, CF35 5AH and ‘The Client’ named on the booking, confirmation or invoice form.

It is hereby agreed as follows: –


  1. Request for Bookings
    • Full details of the booking are on the booking form overleaf or on the Estimate which has been emailed to you.
  2. Multiple Occupancy
    • Angelwood Lodge is licensed for up to 5 dogs and therefore it is highly likely that during your stay there will be other dogs present. In line with our license, your signature on this document is your agreement that you give complete permission for your dog to be boarded with others. Your dog will be left in secure areas when left unattended during the day or at night and they will be fed separately to avoid any likelihood of dispute or aggression. If any dog shows any aggression towards any other, the dog concerned will be separated from the others and the situation closely monitored.
  3. Your Data – GDPR
    • At Angelwood Lodge we take your privacy seriously and will only use your information to provide services to you that you have requested and give you information regarding any new services, offers or gifts available from us. We will never pass your information onto a 3rd party unless you specifically request us to. Your details will be held in paper form in a file in the office within our home and on computer in a password protected drive and on our accounts package, again password protected.
    • We are required under UK law to keep your basic personal details (such as name, address, Tel No and email) for a minimum of 6 years after which time it will be securely destroyed.
    • Your rights – If at any point you believe the information we hold to be incorrect you may request to see this information and have it corrected or deleted.
  4. Health & Vaccinations
    • Dogs must be fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza and must have had their booster injection within the previous twelve months. We must have sight of a current vaccination record prior to your dog being booked in. We will keep a copy of their certificate on file.
    • All dogs must have a current Kennel Cough Vaccination. Your dog must have this at least 5 weeks prior to arrival. This is NOT part of your annual booster vaccination. If you are in any doubt, Kennel Cough vaccines can be identified on your vaccination card / certificate as ‘Nobivac KC’ (which lasts for 12 months). In this situation no refunds will be due.
    • Notification of Medical Conditions   The health of the boarding animals is of prime concern.  The owner must give assurance that their pet is in a fit and healthy condition and has not recently been in contact with infectious disease.  Any dog showing signs of ill health or undisclosed medical conditions will not be admitted. If an animal has a medical condition of any sort we must be notified at the time of booking and given the vets instructions for treatment. If we have not been notified of such a condition or course of medication, we reserve the right to refuse admission. In this situation no refunds will be due.
    • Whilst any animal is with us, we are responsible for its wellbeing under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Advice from a veterinary surgeon must be sought in case of signs of disease, illness, and injury whether chronic or acute at the owner’s cost. Where any dog is sick or injured, any instructions for its treatment which have been given by a veterinary surgeon must be strictly followed. Refusal by the owner to pay for veterinary visits we consider necessary, will result in the owner having to remove their dog. In this situation no refunds will be due.
    • If your animal is taking a course of antibiotics/medication please ensure that you have checked with your vet that they are not contagious and are safe to enter a home boarding environment. 
    • If medication is required to be administered, this will be undertaken provided the animal will accept it without resistance and that the medication can be given by a person who does not have a veterinary qualification.  Angelwood Lodge will follow your instructions exactly and therefore cannot be held responsible for any side effects or reactions to any of the medication. All medications must be supplied by the client or by a veterinary practice.
    • We do not take bitches in season and any deposit will be forfeit should the booking have to be cancelled due to this reason. You must inform us if your bitch is in season or likely to be so during her stay.
    • Flea/Worming Treatments.  All animals must be covered by a known flea/worm treatment before they are boarded. During their stay, should we at any time see evidence of a flea on any animal we reserve the right to spray them with a flea spray.
  5. Days Charged
    • We charge for day of arrival and day of collection. However, we do not charge for the day if the dog is collected prior to 09:30 hours on the departure.
    • We reserve the right to revise our prices when necessary. All prices quoted will be at the rate prevailing at time of booking. All prices charged will be at the rate prevailing at time of boarding.
    • Should you be unable to collect your pet on the agreed day due to unavoidable circumstances such as flight delays etc. we will keep your dog(s) until you are able to collect them or make arrangements for them to be collected. The normal daily fee will apply.
  6. Cancellations
    • Cancellations of any days must be made seven calendar days in advance. Late cancellations or Failure to turn up on the day will result in the full fee being payable.
    • Deposits are non-refundable, irrespective of when cancellation is made.
  7. Employment Status
    • Angelwood Lodge will not at any time be deemed as, or treated as employees of the client. Neither Angelwood Lodge nor the client will consider their partnership as “exclusive” and as such will not enjoy a preferred status.
  8. Insurance and Well Being
    • Angelwood Lodge is a licensed organisation and holds full insurance. It is the responsibility of the owner to have valid medical insurance for the dog and they will be responsible for the cost of any medical treatment given during their stay. Every attempt to contact the client/emergency contact will be made in the event of a medical emergency. If unable to reach them Angelwood Lodge will be guided by the Vet as to the action to take. All medical expenses will be paid by the Client on production of an invoice from the vet.
    • Angelwood Lodge will take every precaution to ensure the safety of the dog but cannot be held responsible for any accidental injury the dog should have whilst in their care.
    • To ensure the safety of the dog, when leaving our secure premises, they will be on a lead at all times unless specified otherwise and will have a duplicate tag with our address. The client gives agreement for the dog to be transported by car, either for walks or for any necessary trips and accepts that should there be a motor accident, Angelwood Lodge is not liable for any injuries sustained to the dog or costs which are not covered by their car insurance.
  9. Bedding and Toys
    • We can supply bedding during your pets stay with us, however we encourage owners to bring their own as it often helps the dogs to settle. If bedding is soiled, we will, if possible, wash it, depending on size.  We cannot guarantee the safe return of any bedding items or toys that are brought in from home.
  10. Expenses
    • Any expenses incurred by Angelwood Lodge on behalf of the client will be agreed with them in advance.
    • The client will not be liable for any fines whatsoever incurred by Angelwood Lodge whilst carrying out the client’s business.
  11. Payment
    • An initial deposit of 2 days per week (or part week) is required on booking. 50% deposits are required during the school holidays or any bookings which overlap school holidays. Non-payment of the deposit within 14 days of the original request will result in the booking being treated as unconfirmed and automatically cancelled.
    • All fees become payable 7 days in advance of the start date of the booking. Cancellations within this period will be charged at the full rate.
    • Additional costs incurred during the stay will be invoiced and are payable on collection of the dog(s).
  12. Cost
    • The agreed fee is on the Booking Form and the Confirmation.
  13. Termination
    • Angelwood Lodge may terminate the contract if the client breaches any terms of this agreement, or refuses to comply with the provisions of this agreement. In this situation no refunds will be due.
  14. Complete Agreement
    • This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties. All changes hereto are to be in writing and agreed between the parties.
  15. Own Risk
    • Although all reasonable care will be taken, animals are boarded entirely at the owners risk.  Angelwood Lodge reserves the right to ask for your pet to be removed from the premises if the needs/welfare of your pet cannot be met in normal home boarding conditions or if they present a danger to staff or other animals in our care. In this situation no refunds will be due.
    • Angelwood Lodge reserves the right to terminate the contract should the dog display aggression, destructive behaviour or prove to be unmanageable. In this situation no refunds will be due.