Ceramic Paw Prints x 4 – Mounted


An imprint of your dog(s) paw(s0, taken in clay, then glazed and fired and mounted. A unique way to capture your dog’s paw print forever.


The saying goes “Your dogs leaves their paw prints on your heart” and this is a unique way to capture their actual prints and keep them with you forever.

We take a clay imprint of your dogs’ paws in special clay, which are then hand crafted, glazed, fired and mounted in a high quality white frame. With this order you can have:

  • 4 separate paw prints
  • paw prints + children’s hand prints + photographs in any combination

You can for a small additional fee add tufts of fur or any other memorabilia like tags, collars etc. (5 each).

When you place this order, we will contact you directly to organise the appointment to take the prints, preferably where the dogs are most at ease and have clean paws. This is normally at home. At this appointment you can choose the colour and wording you would like.

Due to distance, if you live outside a 50 mile radius of Llantwit Major, we would either ask you to bring your dogs to us, or we would need to charge an additional travelling fee because of the costs involved. Please contact us for more details.

Picture frame – Flat grain white 52mm white box – Size 240mm x 610mm. Glazing: Flexiglass – Backing: MDF. Hang/Stand: Hang. Backing Card: 240mm x 610mm – Soft White.

Additional information

Weight 3.69 kg
Dimensions 61 × 24 × 5.2 cm