We offer the ultimate keepsake for you and your pets: Personalised Ceramic Imprints of their hands, feet, hooves and paws. These imprints are glazed in a range of colours, and then can be framed with a choice to write a personal message underneath. It only takes minutes to get the imprint and they will last forever.

We take the print at your home, using clay suitable for use with babies, which is sensitive enough to capture every detail. 

The clay needs to be dried before going into the kiln. Once fired we glaze it in the colours you have chosen and then it goes back for a second firing.  


We can then mount your print in a white box frame designed to hold the weight of the clay. At this stage we will add any calligraphy or keepsakes that you choose.  

The finished product is a totally unique, stunning ceramic imprint and something which you can keep, always.

To book a visit go to our shop on

We require a deposit of £20 to cover the cost of our coming out to take the print. This fee is then deducted from the final cost of your imprint. At this visit you can choose your colours, frames, layout etc.  The whole process takes between 5 & 7 weeks from print taking to delivery.

Prints may be picked up from Angelwood Lodge or we can hand deliver, subject to a fee of £10.
Given that clay is a natural substance and is relatively fragile, we do not recommend sending them in the post.