Angelwood Health Lodge

It’s important to be conscious of your pet’s weight because if they are over/underweight, it could result in various health problems which would, if appropriate measures aren’t taken, result in a serious decline in their quality of life. We at Angelwood Lodge, work closely with nutritionists and vets to help your pet reach their goal weight, whether that means gaining weight and muscle, or losing a few lbs. If this is a concern for your pet, get in touch with us on or call us on 01656 857252, or What’s App Call 079 699 13253 / 07901 335642 and we can discuss an action plan.

How can I tell if my pet is overweight

Can’t feel ribs anymore without pressing in
Loss of discernible waist
Pads of fat over hips & base of tail
Waddles when walking
Finds it difficult to move
Short of breath
Bad tempered

Your dog can stay with us from anythings upwards of 1 week and regain their figure and health through fun, play and a calorie controlled diet.